1. ShipQc: Terms and Conditions

2. According to article 6 of the Law number 2004-575 of June 21, 2004 for the confidence in the digital economy, this article specifies the identity of the various actors in the framework of the realization and its follow-up.

The ShipQc website is published by:

ShipQc, whose registered office is located at 4900 Chemin du Coteau-de-trèfle sud, Carignan Québec.

Phone: 1-514-519-0568 / Email: info@ShipQc.com.

The editor of the site is:


The ShipQc site is hosted by:

Hosting Marketer, headquartered at 244 5th Ave # 1477, New York, NY 10001, USA

Phone: 212 252 2446


The purpose of the ShipQc site is to:

Offer fees and publish works with less fees for commissions and subscriptions.


For any question or request for information about the site or any alleged content or activity, the user may contact the publisher at the following e-mail address:

info@ShipQc.com or send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to: ShipQc - 4900 Chemin du Coteau-de-trèfle sud, Carignan, Québec

ight to modify, at any time and without notice, the site and the services and the present GCU, in particular to adapt to the evolutions of the site by the provision of new features or the deletion or modification of existing functionalities.

It is therefore advisable for the user to refer before any navigation to the latest version of the GCU, accessible at any time on the site. In case of disagreement with the CGU, no use of the site can not be carried out by the user.


The publisher implements the technical solutions at his disposal to allow access to the site 24, 7 days a week. However, he may at any time suspend, restrict or interrupt access to the site or certain pages of it in order to make updates, changes to its content or any other action deemed necessary for the proper functioning of the site.


For the good management of the site, the editor can at any time:

- suspending, interrupting or limiting access to all or part of the site, reserving access to the site, or certain parts of the site, to a specific category of user;

- suppress any information which may disrupt its operation or which contravenes national or international laws or the rules of Netiquette;

- suspend the site to make updates.



Access to certain services, and in particular all paid services, is conditional on the user's registration.

The registration and the access to the services of the site are reserved exclusively to the natural persons legally able, having filled and validated the registration form available on line on the site ShipQc, as well as these General Conditions of Use.

Upon registration, the user agrees to provide accurate, up-to-date and accurate information about his company. In addition, the user must regularly check the data concerning him or her to ensure accuracy.

The user must therefore provide a valid e-mail address, on which the site will send him a confirmation of his registration with his services. An e-mail address can not be used more than once to register for services.

Any communication carried out by ShipQc and its partners is therefore deemed to have been received and read by the user. This denier undertakes therefore to regularly consult the messages received on e-mail address and to reply within a reasonable time if necessary.

The use is assigned an identifier enabling him to access a space for which access is reserved for him (hereinafter "personal space"), in addition to the input of his password.

The user name and password are editable online by the user in his Personal Area. The password is personal and confidential, the user undertakes not to communicate it to third parties.

In any event, ShipQc reserves the right to refuse an application for registration in the event of non-compliance by the User with the provisions of these General Conditions of Use.


The registered user can at any time request his unsubscription by going to the dedicated page in his Personal Area. Any unsubscription of the site will be effective immediately after the user has completed the form provided for this purpose.